Understanding Your Guitar: Fretboard radius

One of the most confusing specs you may read or hear about a guitar is the Radius…. Let’s try and break down some quick things to help you better understand A) what it is and B) why you should choose one over the other. What it is: The Radius is a measurement of the amount of curvature of the fingerboard (and therefore the frets themselves) … Continue reading Understanding Your Guitar: Fretboard radius

Humidity Love

So you’ve just bought that dream acoustic guitar and gotten it home. ¬†Aside from playing the heck out of it, how are you going to take care of that amazing new McPherson, Collings, Taylor, Breedlove, Gibson, or Martin? Humidification (or usually lack thereof) is the biggest care and feeding need that new acoustic has, especially here in Texas where as Shane Frame puts it “We … Continue reading Humidity Love